Xuan Prada

Visual Effects Artist working in the film industry.
I have experience in tv commercials, animation movies and feature films as member of the vfx department.

Started my career working as CG Generalist. These days I'm working as Texture Painter and Look Development Artist. When I can I like to swap roles having experience as Lead CG Artist, On-set Collector or Lighting Artist, among others.

I use this site as repository to share my tutorials, courses and experiences working in the VFX industry. Love teaching and I'm always involved in any form of 3D Training for Art Schools, Universities and Online Schools.

Update: After years working for MPC, Double Negative and Framestore, I currently work at ILP VFX as Assets Supervisor and Sequence Supervisor.

If you are a Spanish speaking person, check my vfx website in Spanish.

I'm based in London.
Reach me on Linkedin