Look Development Light-rig 0001 for V-Ray

Light rig designed for look-development tasks.
Works under Maya and V-Ray.

  • Designed to be used in VFX projects.
  • Based on VFX photo booth sessions.
  • Calibrated and neutralized for look-dev and texturing.
  • Infinite background with shadow catcher.
  • Ideal for props, vehicles, creatures and digital doubles.
  • Includes dummy shader to check your volumes, shapes and displacement maps.
  • Render settings and AOV's have been setup.
  • Includes Nuke's "slap comp" with all the AOV's ready to import your renders and tweak them. (check Nuke folder).
  • Just import your asset, work on the look and render it.

Sample images

VFX character. Model checker.

VFX character. Look-dev or shading concept.

VFX prop. Model checker.

VFX creature. Model checker. Modelled by Dominic Qwek.

VFX Digital double. Look-dev.

VFX prop. Look-dev.

Light-rig images

Maya screenshot.

Nuke screenshot.