Mari for dailies / by Xuan Prada

Mari is a great tool for texturing purposes and has a lot of useful small options. I’m going to speak about rendering turn tables for dailies.

  • Once you have all your texture maps and shaders ready inside Mari, you should establish a nice point of view in the viewport.
  • Then go to projectors window and click on create projector. I usually call it turnAround_projector.
  • Active your color channel, right click on your turn around projector and click on render turn table.

Most of the options speak for themselves.
The most important are:

  • Size.
  • Background: You can choose between dark and light colors.
  • Shaders: You can choose any shader of your project.
  • Lighting: We will start with flat lighting to show your texture channels like they are.
  • Comment: I usually write the name of the channel.
  • Text size.
  • Path.
  • Template: File name and file format.
  • Preview.

Then click OK and render will start.

  • Once rendered you’ll have your render in the choosen path.
  • Repeat the process with all your texture channels. Most common, color, bump, specular, displacement.
  • Then select your shader, click on full lighting mode button and focus all the lights to your camera instead the scene.
  • Render turn table again and change lighting mode to full.
  • Remind also to change the comment to something like fullShader.