Film dictionary / by Xuan Prada

A couple of cinematic words every Wednesday. I won't be following any theme or order in particular, just for the fun of learning new film related stuff.

American Museum of the Moving Image
Founded in 1998, and located in Astoria, New York, the first museum in the United States devoted to the history of the production, distribution, and exhibition of film, television, and video art. The museum is concerned with all types of work employing the moving image - fictional, documentary, avant-garde, network television, commercials, etc. Abutting the old Astoria Studios, the museum features changing exhibition while also presenting permanent displays relating to all aspects of the industry.
Especially impressive is its collection of cameras, projectors, television sets, and equipment from the entire history of both cinema and television. The museum also presents screening of old and new films in two theatres, often featuring the director or someone involved with the production.


A small, circular gobo or scrim, from 10 to 20 cm of diameter, that blocks part of a luminaire's light from falling on specific area of the set or the lens of the camera. Also called target.

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