UDIMs in BodyPaint by Xuan Prada

Step by step tutorial.

  • Export your object from Maya with multiple UDIMs.
  • You can start your texture work from scratch or using any kind of baked stuff.
  • Import your .obj geometry in BodyPaint and create two different materials, one for each UV layout created before in Maya.
  • Create a new texture for the color channel of each material, or connect your textures if you baked previously.
  • Drag both materials over the geometry.
  • You can see in the viewport just the last material dragged, because BodyPaint doesn’t handle multi material jobs at the same time.
  • Click on objects tab, select the material for the UV layout 1 channel and check that X and Y offset are both as 0
  • If you click on texture tab you’ll realize that UV’s and texture match perfectly.
  • Select the material for the UV layout 2 and switch the texture used for this material. You’ll realize that something is wrong, UV mapping and texture don’t match.
  • You will need to change the X offset to 100 and then, will work fine.
  • You can change viewport visualization switching from one shader ball to another one.

BodyPaint only allows to work with one material at the same time, so you will need to switch between both materials to paint in a properly way.