Mari to Softimage / by Xuan Prada

Recently I was involved in a master class about texturing and shading for animation movies, and as promised I’m posting here the technical way to set-up different UV sets inside Softimage.
Super simple process and really efficent methodology.

  • I’m using this simple asset.
  • These are the UVs of the asset. I’m using different UV sets to increase the quality. In this particular asset you can find four 4k textures for each channel. Color, Specular and Bump.
  • You probably realized that I’m using my own background image in the texture editor. I think that this one is more clear for UV mapping than the default one. If you want you can download the image, convert it to .pic and replace the original one located on C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Softimage 2012\Application\rsrc
  • This is the render tree set-up. Four 4k textures for color, specular and bump. Each four textures are mixed by mix8color node.
  • Once everything is connected, you still need to offset each image node to match the UV ranges.
  • I know that the UV coordinates in Softimage are a bit weird, so find below a nice cart which will be so helpfull for further tasks.
  • Keep in mind that you should turn off wrap U and wrap V for each texture in the UV editor.
  • Really quick render set-up for testing purposes.