Introduction to Redshift for VFX - episode 03 by Xuan Prada

Episode 03 of Introduction to Redshift for VFX, is already available on my Patreon feed
It is all about surfacing shading and the video is something around 4.5 hours.

These are the topics of this episode.

  • Camera mapping

  • Redshift uber shader

  • Sub surface scattering solutions

  • Texture management

  • UDIM workflow

  • Look-dev workflow

  • Surface shading

  • Look-dev tools

  • Normal maps, bumps and displacements

  • Zbrush and Mari displacements

  • Substance Painter workflow

  • Shading user attributes

  • Look-dev exercises

Check it out on my Patreon page.

Introduction to Redshift for VFX, episode 01 by Xuan Prada

I'm starting a new training series for my Patreon feed, it's called "Intro to Redshift" for visual effects. I'm kind of learning Redshift and trying to figure out how to use it within my visual effects workflow, and I'll be sharing this trip with you. In this very first episode, I'll be talking about probably the most important topics around Redshift and the base for everything that will come later global illumination and sampling.

I will go deep about these two topics, sharing with you the basic theory behind global illumination and sampling, and I will also share with you a couple of "cheat sheets" to deal with noise and gi easily in Redshift while rendering your shots.

Check the first video out on my Patreon feed.