Basic displacement in RenderMan by Xuan Prada

  • Select the object’s shape node in the Attribute Editor and then go to Attribute -> RenderMan -> Add Sudvision Scheme. This will create a smooth surface.
  • Load your displacement texture in the Hypershade.
  • Play with the Alpha Gain and Alpha Offset to scale the image.
  • Alpha Offset should be half negative than Alpha Gain. So if Alpha Gain is 2 Alpha Offset should be -1
  • Drag the displacement texture on to the displacement material in the shading group attributes.
  • This will create a displacement node.
  • Select the displacement node and go to Attributes -> RenderMan -> Add Displacement Attribues.
  • Set the displacement bound to something similar to your highest displacement value.
  • If you are using ray trace rendering you need to add ray traced attributes to your displacement.
  • Select your shape node and go to Attribute -> RenderMan -> Manage attributes and select TraceDisplacement.
  • Turn the shading rate down to increase the quality of your displacement. You can add a RenderMan attribute to control this instead change the global render options, you’ll save a lot of render time.